We are always looking for the best solutions for guaranteeing comfort and wellbeing, and have developed electromechanical systems that simulate massage treatments for the back and legs which can be fitted in our relax, massage and lift and rise armchairs.

Massaggio Life 5 Vibro


Through five vibration systems, which are positioned in different areas of any relax, massage or lift and rise armchair and which can be activated individually, this complex mechanism stimulates blood flow and generates a sensation of physical wellbeing.
The entire system can be applied to any type of relax and lift mechanism to create an armchair that satisfies all requirements.

Massaggio Shiatsu


The system is made up of a mechanism consisting of two arms, fitted with massaging wheels mounted on rails, which follow the shape of the back, exerting constant, light and even pressure on the surface. Shiatsu helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and engenders a feeling of inner calm and physical wellbeing.
The system we devised enables you to choose from three different types of massage, which satisfy different needs, and can be mounted on relax, massage and lift and rise armchairs.